Thursday, January 30, 2014

Provocative One-Liners from This Week's News: Pete, SOTU, Women and Their Place, The Gays, Etc.

One-liners (loosely speaking, in two cases) about what's in the news now: Pete Seeger, reactions to the U.S. State of the Union Address, women and their place, gays, etc.:

Pete: "Can you imagine that ridiculous 'Kristallnacht' guy turning on his TV and seeing an entire TV audience singing along with a song like that?"

And Pete: "Another measure of the man."

And more Pete: "Out of that came, not a subversive movement, but instead, an American folk-music revival that I think we have to give the FBI credit for helping to establish."

SOTU: "When all the cheering for Cory Remsburg, the grievously wounded Army Ranger, died down didn't you stop for a moment and think, 'Damn, 10 deployments.' What the hell have we been doing there?'"

And more SOTU: "No amount of lofty oratory can make up for a presidency that continues to boost extreme disparities between the rich and the rest of us."

Still more SOTU: "Also, can I just say to the nice furniture lady that I'm happy that she and her retired Naval commander husband both had that sweet government health-care so that their newborn son's pre-existing condition wasn't the kind of hardship it is for parents who are only now, through the Affordable Care Act, able to stave off financial disaster in similar circumstances."

Women made to feel alone: "Being targeted by other activists, she says, 'leaves you feeling threatened in the sense that you’re getting turned out of your own home….'"

More women made to feel alone: "It’s not true that conservatives don’t like single women. They love single women and, of course, mothers – if they are vulnerable, dependent, and ashamed, and if they know their place in the 'natural' order."

Mr. IOC on the Olympics, Russia, and the gays: "So whose ox is getting gored here?"

A poet on why I can't get real without you: "To achieve reality (where objects thrive on people's passions), enormous effort and continuous social interactions are required, and I can't get started without you."

The graphic of the single line of infinity is by IntrO-o, who has generously made the photo available for sharing via deviantART.

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