Thursday, January 30, 2014

Disqus Display Problem

Several readers have written to tell me Disqus comments are not showing up on this blog today.

When I go to the Disqus help thread at Twitter, I see that the Disqus help team is aware of the problem. Their tweets about it say it appears to be a problem for people using Firefox or IE. The help thread says that Disqus is working to fix the problem and hopes to have a fix very soon.

I'm sorry this is happening. I appreciate the readers who have told me about it. I was unaware of the problem, because I don't use either Firefox or IE, and comments have been displaying for me all morning--and, I assume for some other readers, too, since there's been a steady stream of comments.

Meanwhile, if you're having problems seeing comments or leaving comments, but would want me to post something in your name until Disqus has resolve the problem for Firefox or IE users, I'll gladly do so. In that case, please simply email me using the email link on my profile page here at Bilgrimage.

Again, I'm really sorry this is happening for some of you. I very much appreciate those who have emailed to let me know of the problem.

An update, later in the day (abt. 4 P.M. CST): the Disqus problem is apparently fixed for at least some readers, but is apparently persisting for others, including at least one reader using Google Chrome. The latest word I see at the Disqus Help thread on Twitter is that the problem is now fixed for Firefox and IE, but persists for some folks using other programs to browse--and Disqus is working on that!

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