Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The End of Summer(s), Plus Bros, Bros, More Bros: The World the Boys' Club Has Made for All of Us

End of summer(s): "Obama has a boys’ club problem. "

This merry band of (mostly) brothers: "The idea, apparently, was that with a sufficient quorum, this merry band of (mostly) brothers could, through the magic of their sheer collected brilliance and perhaps a few incantations, recreate the booming economic magic of the Clinton years in the deepest recession since the Great Depression."

Merry bands of brother$: "For Lawrence Summers, it should be remembered, 'No Shame, No Gain.'"

Bros and . . . more bros: "Let’s hope that the next time a CEO hires, he’ll look beyond his own personal network. Maybe he’ll open one of those binders of women."

Bros behaving badly: "Remember Andrew Shirvell?"

More bros behaving more badly: "A few weeks before the newly-elected Gov. McCrory was to take office, he announced a notable appointment to his cabinet: Art Pope."

More bros behaving very badly: "At a press conference at the end of that meeting, Dolan said the concerns the bishops had about the mandate were 'grave' and may require the bishops to ask Catholics to consider switching insurance carriers."

Yet more bros behaving badly in collars . . . and cuffs?!: "Rinnnggg... 'St. Aloysius, can I help you?'"

More bros behaving very, very badly: "'This is Fox, baby!' exclaimed one happy viewer."

And ditto: "Orson Scott Card is a cretinous fool."

How we live now in the world the bros have built for us: "On Tuesday, the Census Bureau released new numbers showing that the gender wage gap was 77 percent in 2012, meaning women make just 77 cents for each dollar a man makes."  (And this: "The gap between the employment rate for the highest income Americans and the lowest income ones is the widest in a decade.")

More how we live now in the world the bros have built for us: "Mass shootings part of how we live now."

Not surprisingly: "Not surprisingly, the report found that young men between the ages of 15 and 24 are the most common gunshot victims, arriving at emergency departments at seven times the national average, and people living in high poverty ZIP codes are twice as likely to visit a hospital for a gunshot wound."

And just because (it needs to be said again): "The exact same process is used today — daily — by white evangelicals who oppose women’s equality and the full equality of LGBT people."

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