Friday, September 6, 2013

More on NALT Project: "Call to Arms for Christians Who Want to Take Back Their Faith from the Religious Right"

More on the new Not All Like That Christians (NALT) project about which I blogged yesterday: Peter Montgomery discusses the NALT project in a posting yesterday at Religion Dispatches, as does Andrew Sullivan in a piece at his Dish site. Montgomery links his discussion to a discussion of the video about which I blogged this past Tuesday, in which Australian PM Kevin Rudd debates the biblical testimony about homosexuality with an Australian pastor. As Montgomery notes, that video has now gone viral online--and that development confirms, Montgomery thinks, the central thesis of his article: namely, that pro-gay Christians are "breaking out" now, pushing back against homophobia in their churches. The NALT project is a prime example of this development.

Andrew Sullivan offers similar analysis. He links to an article by Gabriel Arana in The American Prospect in which Arana views NALT as "a call to arms for Christians who want to take back their faith from the religious right." Arana also notes that, though a majority of U.S. Catholics and mainline Protestants support gay rights, the naysayers of the religious right have been so noisy about their opposition that they have won the media war and have succeeded in representing their opposition as "the" Christian stance on homosexuality. 

And NALT is, therefore, pushback by the many Christians in the U.S. who are convinced that Christianity has something else of importance to say to us about the issue of homosexuality and many other moral issues--as Fred Clark of the Slacktivist blog explains in the video above, which was produced as part of the NALT project.

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