Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Quick Update: Still Waiting to Testify

I know this saga is getting to be a bore, but since I've told you all about it up to now, I don't want to leave hanging any readers who may have an interest in it: I did not get called to testify yesterday. But I'm supposed to be up to testify bright and early this morning. I'll keep all of you posted, and I remain very deeply grateful for your expressions of support in comments here and emails some of you have sent me. It means the world to know I'm not alone as I do battle with principalities and powers. Because that's exactly what's going on in this case, and sometimes the rich and powerful people and institutions who wrap themselves up in Christian banners and spout bible verses aren't necessarily the good guys.

I find the photo of immigrants waiting to be processed at Angel Island on a number of websites (e.g., including this one, The Top 7 Asian American Places of Institutional Interest), but I haven't yet found its original source. If any reader has that information, I'll be grateful for it and will post it. (See Chris Morley's comment in the thread below, providing the original source of the photo.)

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