Wednesday, September 11, 2013

LGBTQ Nation Publishes My Piece about Sarah Pulliam Bailey's "Gay Rights vs. Religious Rights"

I mentioned yesterday that my posting here several days ago about Sarah Pulliam Bailey's Religion News Service article whose title puts gay rights in opposition to religious rights had been very aptly summarized by Fred Clark at his Slacktivist site. I'm now happy to report that LGBTQ Nation has published the posting in its latest issue.

I'm glad this posting is receiving wide circulation, since the Not All Are Like That (NALT) project is doing important work building bridges between the many members of mainline churches who support gay rights and welcome and affirm gay people. As my posting notes, it's disturbing to find one of the main purveyors of religious news in the U.S., Religion News Service, undercutting the NALT project within days of that project's launching with a headline which suggests that Christian beliefs and Christian rights stand in opposition to gay rights.

This meme needs to be laid to rest. NALT has come into existence to disprove that gay rights and religious rights stand in opposition to each other. As Fred Clark notes in his posting linked above,

The RNS headline for Bailey’s piece is double-wrong, “Gay Rights vs. Christian Rights.” That headline could only be true in a world in which: A) No LGBT people are Christians and no Christians are LGBT; and B) all Christians are unanimously and universally opposed to gay rights. False and false.

Religion News Service can and must do better than this.

The graphic is from Urban Times, and is a photo from the 2011 D.C. Pride parade.

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