Monday, September 9, 2013

Breaking News: Zimmerman Arrested After Estranged Wife Calls Police

So when are we, the American public, going to have our craws full to bursting of Mr. Zimmerman and his arrogant scofflaw behavior?

1. Following his trial, he's pulled over in Texas for speeding and has a gun in the car.

2. Then, in a shockingly distasteful act of thumbing his nose at his critics, he heads on a jubilant tour of the factory that made the gun he used to shoot Trayvon Martin.

3. Then, he's stopped for speeding again, this time in Florida.

4. Around the same time, his wife files for divorce.

5. And now this just-breaking news: he's detained after his wife calls police, saying he broke into her house and threatened her with a gun.

If this series of events weren't a wearily predictable series of events involving a man given license by the public itself (through the justice system of the state of Florida) to swagger, threaten, shoot, and, yes, even kill an innocent human being, I might conclude that Mr. Zimmerman has a right to his privacy and we wrong him by placing his life under a microscope.

But there's that swagger. The constant threatening. The shooting of an unarmed teen, for which he got off totally free. The arrogance of the visit to the gun factory. The apparent total disregard for the law with the two speeding violations.

This is a predictable story of hubris that has been going nowhere good from the moment Zimmerman disregarded the appeal of a 911 operator to stop pursuing a teenaged boy who had in no way threatened or harmed him or anyone else on the last rainy night of that teen's life. And I'm frankly tired of watching the train move towards the wreck that anyone with half a brain can see not far down the tracks--a wreck the atrocious justice system in Florida has fully enabled, which involves all of us, due to the miscarriage of justice in Zimmerman's trial.

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