Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Commentary on Current Crisis of Catholicism (and Its Roots in Institutionalized Homophobia)

And yet more valuable commentary about the issues regarding which Michael Bayly and Andrew Sullivan give witness in the posting I've just uploaded:

I approached a director at Channel 4 back in 2000 with a proposal for a documentary on homosexuality and the Roman Catholic church. I had a simple pitch. "I want to show why my church is so anti-gay." 
"And why is your church so anti-gay?," came back the obvious question. "Because it is so gay," I replied.

It is impossible to sit in the pews and not be concerned by the present unhealthy state of affairs where a Church that in essence preaches that homosexuality is wrong attracts and admits so many gay men into its priesthood. It can scarcely make them effective as our future leaders if they are busy trying (and apparently failing) to suppress something at the core of their being.

[Cardinal] O'Brien has lawyered up, which is not surprising. Expect more of this, as the Church hierarchy continues to try and blame all its endemic corruption on the infiltration of Teh Gheys. You'll get another decaliter of leaks about gay scandals within the Church but, lo and behold, the pope has decided that we won't get the full report of the committee looking into the VatiLeaks scandal, so we'll hear about The Gay Cabal, but not about the bribery and influence-peddling and all the rest of it. That is the way the people who are doing the leaking want it.

This surely is the worst crisis since the Reformation, at least for the Vatican hierarchy. 
To many of the remaining one billion plus Catholics, it is mainly Good News. The “First” will soon be returned to the “Last”, children will be safer, women will be more respected, family planning will be available to save more children from misery, Catholic scholars will again be able to think freely and aloud, and gay persons will be freed of oppression from too many conflicted and closeted gay hierarchs. Divinely, the Gospels wisely show us Jesus and his early followers rejected evil empires and hypocritical hierarchs; while valuing authenticity and children. Welcome back, Gospels. We missed you when you were gone!

The graphic of a tree with roots is from the Scratchboard website.

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