Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Gossip, Misinformation, and Sometimes Slander": Vatican Press Spokesperson Slams Media Coverage of Gay Sex Scandal Story

Lead HuffPo headline as this Saturday afternoon continues: "Gossip, Misinformation, and Sometimes Slander." Underneath, a photo of Pope Benedict.

The article to which the headline points, by Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, has another headline as one clicks through to it: "Vatican Slams Media Reports of Gay Scandal." Raushenbush reports that the Vatican press spokesperson Fr. Federico Lombardi slammed the media today for its reporting of the story about the report of several cardinals regarding a gay sex scandal inside the Vatican--though Lombardi did not deny the existence of the report or the substance of what's being said about it.

Lombardi states:

Those who consider money, sex and power before all else and are used to reading diverse realities from these perspectives, are unable to see anything else.

And as I read that statement, I think, "Wait, what? It's the media he's talking about here? Not the men running the Catholic church?!"

Were all the mirrors in the Vatican suddenly shattered, with Benedict's resignation?

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