Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ça Va Mieux: French Assembly Passes Marriage Equality

Meanwhile (I'm saying this as a footnote to what I just posted about the status of LGBT Catholics post-Benedict), the French Assembly yesterday moved marriage equality and adoption by same-sex couples forward to the Senate by a vote of 329-229.

Things are undoubtedly getting better in many places in the world. But as the French story illustrates, this process of getting better for LGBT human beings often occurs in direct opposition to the leadership of top Catholic prelates and of right-wing Catholics who remain strongly energized by appeals to homophobic prejudice. While a growing number of lay Catholics in the developed world, who have no real power at all to affect the choices made at the top levels of church leadership (a point driven home to us again as a new pope is selected) reject the anti-gay stance of our church's top leaders . . . .

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