Sunday, February 24, 2013

Alice Walker Feature Documentary "Beauty in Truth" Premieres

Back in October 2011, I told readers of Bilgrimage about a film being made to celebrate the life and work of Alice Walker--"Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth." Pratibha Parmar is the writer, director, and producer.

I've just had word from Parmar's Kali Films group that this important feature documentary is now ready to air, and will have its world premiere in London on 10 March. As an offering of Sunday inspiration, I'm sharing the clip above from the film's website. I'm struck by Angela Davis's observation towards the end of the film,

All of Alice's writings urge us to think differently, and to think critically, often about those things we most take for granted. And I think that's what can change the world.

How I wish those ideas could somehow be implanted in the hearts, minds, and souls of the men who'll be electing a new pope not far down the road. Somehow, though, I doubt that a significant African-American woman writer and her work, or any woman writer and her work, will be foremost in the minds of most of the cardinal-electors as they convene.

More's the pity for the Catholic church. More's the pity for the entire world.

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