Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Reader Asks: How Can I Order a Copy of Your Book?

I'm sorry to be away from the blog for a day or so (and I owe a number of you responses to your valuable comments here). Still working hard to tie up loose ends as my book nears final-copy stage. This required me to take a  long day trip on Friday to re-scan some photos that will appear in the book's gallery section. I hope to catch up on blogging very soon.

Meanwhile, a reader of Bilgrimage has contacted me to ask how he may order a copy of the book. If you go to the page advertising the book in the spring catalogue of University of Arkansas Press (that page is here), you'll find ordering information. You can place an order directly with the Press using Paypal (by clicking the order button on the page), or as you'll see, there's also a contact link with mailing addresses and phone number of the Press. The Press has an 800 number: 1-800-626-0090.

We've discovered that the catalogue has a little piece of erroneous information. The price given for the book is for a hardcover copy. The catalogue indicates that the book will be in cloth, but it's actually going to appear in hardcover, and the price you see in the ad is for the hardcover copy.

I'll soon be over the hump of last-minute this-and-that with the book, and promise to stop harping on this project then. Meanwhile, since a reader of the blog had asked about ordering information, and since I had pointed readers to the catalogue last week without having noticed that the information about a cloth (softcover) copy is erroneous, I wanted to post this update today.

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