Monday, December 26, 2011

Stinky Right-Wing Bedfellows of the U.S. Catholic Bishops: An Addendum

This is a quick addendum to what I posted earlier today about the fact that the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty is defending two right-wing religious colleges/universities, the Catholic Belmont Abbey College and the evangelical Colorado Christian University, colluding with the U.S. Catholic Bishops in their attack on the Obama administration for seeking to implement health care guidelines that require contraceptive coverage by insurance plans:

I meant to mention (and then forgot to to so) that the current Associate General Secretary of the USCCB--its general legal counsel--Anthony Picarello, came to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops after having served seven years at the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty.

That is, Picarello came to the USCCB from that same Beckett Fund whose primary funding source is the Bradley Foundation, whose current CEO tells the media frankly, "We're part of the right-wing movement."  And whose avowed primary concern is to defend the "right" of big business to engage in laissez-faire capitalism that is ostensibly condemned by the social teaching of the Catholic church . . . . 

When the birds with whom the Catholic bishops flock wear right-wing, big business-oriented, pro-Republican and anti-Democratic clothes, it's rather hard for one not to see the bishops wearing the same clothes as those worn by the birds with whom they're flocking.

Pares cum paribus facillime congregantur.

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