Saturday, December 3, 2011

Note on VOTF Analysis of John Jay Report: Gratitude to VOTF for Linking to My Posting

I'm grateful to Voice of the Faithful for linking to my posting re: their analysis of the John Jay report, in the latest issue of VOTF's newsletter "In the Vineyard."  I'm grateful because I think VOTF is a fine Catholic organization, and I'm pleased that they find something I've written worth recommending.  My internal stats counter tells me that particular posting has now had nearly 300 readers, and that's before VOTF just linked to the article in its newsletter.

But I'm grateful for this support, too, because blogging can be lonely, at times.  And I always struggle with the sense that I'm far from perfect and omniscient, yet I feel inclined constantly to pass critical judgment on matters religious, political, and cultural.  Which might imply I know more than I do or am better than I am--by a long shot.

There's the sense, too, that one has said it all already, over and over, and that one is developing into a crashing bore by repeating it once again.  (And I have a horror of one-sentence paragraphs instilled into me by one hawk-eyed English teacher after another, but truly don't know how to add a sentence to this paragraph that makes the preceding point in some other nifty way, and rounds out the paragraph.)

When all is said and done, it has been the encouragement of readers who contact me and tell me that what I'm doing here is worthwhile which keeps me blogging.  I well recall last year around this time receiving very welcome emails from a number of priests in various places, who told me that they would love to be able to voice some of the observations I make here, but are restrained by church authority from opening their mouths.  And so they value this blog as a voice that echoes what they themselves see and want to say, but feel unable to voice.  I keep these folks in mind as I blog.

All of which is to tell readers as Christmas nears how much I value your interest in the blog, and your encouragement.  With your encouragement, I'll probably keep working assiduously to bore you a while longer . . . . 

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