Friday, December 2, 2011

American Family Association Spokesman: Gay Marriage Will Lead to Men Wanting to Marry Dogs, Cars, and Houses

So Michelle Bachmann's campaign manager Tamara Scott thinks that gay marriage will lead to women lusting after conjugal union with the Eiffel tower.  And now Buster Wilson of the American Family Association is arguing that gay marriage is going to lead to men wanting to marry cars, dogs, and buildings.

If Ms. Scott has the Eiffel tower in mind when she's mesmerized by the polyamorous possibilities marriage equality will bring about in our society, wonder what kind of house Mr. Wilson is fantasizing about?  Is he thinking of one with a sheela na gig doorway?  

Or perhaps he has in mind a house with a stairway like the one depicted in the graphic above?

The terms "liar," "demagogue," and "ignoramus" don't begin to describe what some of us have made of ourselves in recent years in the American religio-political scene.  Especially that ignoramus one.

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