Sunday, December 25, 2011

For Christmas Merriment: It's All Because (the Gays Are Getting Married)

And if the reality of home (as opposed to the dream of the ideal home--building here on what I just posted) becomes too much for any merrymakers today and you have/need a moment to slip away and decompress, there's this from Common Dreams:

Both the graphic at the top of the Common Dreams posting and the video (which I've embedded above) bring a smile to Steve's and my face, this lazy Christmas morning.

And I hope they'll do the same for any readers needing a laugh amidst family frolic today, as well.

(My off-the-wall dream today: rather than the U.S. Catholic bishops mailing out videos to Catholic households to gin up animosity towards gay folks seeking the right of civil marriage, maybe each bishop in the country should receive a disk with this video on it.  And along with it, a copy of Gary Macy, William T. Ditewig, and Phyllis Zagano's new book about the imperative need for the church to begin welcoming [again] the ministry of ordained women.)

It never hurts to dream, does it?  Especially on Christmas day.

(P.S. If I had edited the video for use on YouTube, I doubt I'd have chosen the Bush knickers shot to feature, and I hope readers won't find it offensive.)

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