Friday, December 16, 2011

Religious Right + Corporate Right = GOP: A Fault Lines Video Discussion

The Al Jazeera Fault Lines video to which I've linked above will be a bit of an investment of your time, if you choose to watch it.  But I believe it's time well-spent for those concerned about the way in which the agendas of the religious and corporate right in the U.S. have now become indistinguishable, and the way in which that single agenda now completely dominates the politics of one of the two major political parties in the U.S.  

The video features the powerful critic of the religious right who know its tactics and goals from the inside, Frank Schaeffer, who has done much in recent years to alert Americans to the dangers posed by a movement that he and his father Francis Schaeffer helped set into motion.  It also contains equally powerful commentary by Peter Montgomery of People for the American Way (on whose website I ran across this video) about the way in which the social and economic agenda of the corporate right has now totally consumed the agenda of the religious right, within the confines of the Republican party.

Well worth watching.

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