Friday, February 18, 2011

To Bilgrimage Readers: Thanks

As this week winds down, I want to write a public note of thanks here to all of the readers who have, in recent weeks, very kindly sent me notes to tell me that the work I do at Bilgrimage makes a difference to you.  I particularly cherish the notes of support from survivors of clerical sexual abuse and those who stand in solidarity with survivors.  These notes mean a tremendous amount to me.  Blogging can definitely have its lonely moments, especially when someone tries to keep at it day upon day--sometimes with fierce criticism and even threats.

The encouragement definitely makes a difference.  And I appreciate it, and believe it's incumbent on us, as we receive gifts from others, to acknowledge them and give thanks for them.  One of the surprises of the past several years, as I keep writing these Bilgrimage postings, has been that I've gotten Christmas greetings from readers I don't know, and will perhaps never meet, around the world, who tell me that the work I'm doing here is worthwhile.  Several of these readers have been priests, who say that they find it difficult within the church as it is now structured to speak out about many of the issues I address, but want me to know that they appreciate my giving voice to their own thoughts and prayers.

Thanks to all of you.  The encouragement means much, especially, as I continue to deal with a family challenge about which I spoke briefly some days ago, which keeps demanding my time and energy, and will probably do so this weekend.  I very much value the prayers of readers who have told me you're praying for my family during this time.

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