Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jeremy Hooper Connects Dots re: NOM Supporters and Funders: OPUS Fi-NOM

For the many of us who would still like to know where the money that the National Organization for Marriage continues to use to attack gay and lesbian citizens comes from, Jeremy Hooper's recent "Opus Fi-NOM" posting at Good As You is a valuable resource.  As Hooper says, this is a stab at connecting only a few dots, in the absence of much information regarding the deep pockets that seem to be funding NOM.

Two things leap out at me in Hooper's valuable dot-connecting exercise: the first is the name of Catholic pizza magnate and right-wing king-maker Tom Monaghan.  As I've noted before, name any right-wing Republican cause, particularly with Catholic ties, and it's difficult not to find Monaghan involved (and see here and here and here and here).

I'm struck, too, by the constantly recurring ties to Opus Dei weaving through Hooper's report.  It has already been fairly well-known that NOM has cozy connections to that secretive right-wing Catholic organization (and here), which had a key role in managing the glowing media coverage of Pope Benedict's trip to Britain last year, and which seems to have ever-increasing influence within mainstream Catholic journalism through influential journalists favorable to or allied with the secret organization.  

Hooper's valuable review of several more pieces of evidence about NOM's promoters and its modus operandi make me wonder whose names we might see at the top of their funding charts if they were ever required to release that information to the public.  Who is funding the right-wing Catholic crusade against the human rights of gay and lesbian citizens of the U.S., and why are they doing so?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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