Friday, February 11, 2011

Jennifer Wright Knust Takes Down Argument That Bible Condemns Homosexuality

In line with my first posting this morning about our need to keep educating ourselves: I highly recommend a valuable educational resource that CNN placed online yesterday--Jennifer Wright Knust's essay about the complex, multi-faceted approach of the Jewish and Christian scriptures to issues of gender and sexuality.  I'm particularly struck by Knust's take-down of the argument one hears so often from Christians who claim they are struggling with love and tolerance for their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters: the argument that, well, the bible does, after all, condemn homosexuality and define it as a sin.

This argument is right at the center of the refusal of Catholic centrists to support gay and lesbian persons in their struggle for human rights, and right at the center of the refusal of the intellectual elite of Catholic centrists even to engage their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in dialogue.  Even to see us in the room . . . .

If you've made the assumption that the scriptures do univocally condemn homosexuality and have a clear, unequivocal position on matters of gender and sexuality (one that supports Catholic magisterial teaching), I highly recommend that you work your way through Knust's essay.  The essay just might open your eyes.

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