Monday, February 21, 2011

Comparing Egypt-Iran with Wisconsin

Quick note: I find it fascinating that some of the centrist websites that can't get enough of the democratic revolution in the Middle East have been absolutely silent about what's happening in Wisconsin.  And when they approach the latter democratic uprising, they are bound and determined to present "all sides" of the story.

The revolution in the Middle East apparently demonstrates (so they imagine) that the obsessive hawklike focus of the American right and center on the Islamic threat has been right on target.  But the uprising in Wisconsin proves inconvenient for the dominant narrative of the right and center, with its constant nattering on about the free market and balanced budgets--

Which are always free markets only for the grossly rich elite controlling our economic life, and which are always budgets balanced on the backs of the poor and middle classes.

Just saying.

P.S. (later in the day): I'm just now seeing this great article by Medea Benjamin at Common Dreams drawing the parallels between Egypt and Wisconsin, thanks to Michael Bayly of the wonderful Wild Reed blog (which is linked to the Bilgrimage homepage).  And I discover in Benjamin's article that the graphic I had chosen for this posting is a picture of Egyptian engineer Muhammad Saladin Nusair holding a sign in Tahrir Square saying "Egypt Supports Wisconsin Workers—One World, One Pain."

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