Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lines I Wish I'd Written: Andrew Sullivan on Church's Leaders as Too Objectively Disordered to Run a Church

Andrew Sullivan's take on the ongoing revelations about the Catholic hierarchy's cover-up of child rape:

And when it's clear that at the center of this kind of pathological secrecy and shame is the current Pope, then it is clear that the entire institution is corrupt from the top down.

These men are too objectively disordered to run a church. They bask in self-denial, while they wage a culture war against gay men who have actually dealt with their sexuality, who have owned it, and celebrated it and even found ways to channel it into adult relationships and even civil marriage.

Well said.  Almost makes you think that the continued (and these days, stepped-up) attacks on gays and lesbians, and the invention of the term "disordered" to ground the attack, is a diversionary tactic designed by cynical men desperate to deflect attention from their own egregious crimes.