Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Devils in D.C.: Texas Republican Louis Gohmert Opines Again

Sorry to be so chatty today, but it's hard to avoid these days, as religious-themed news keeps popping.

This just in: demons have invaded D.C.

According to Texas Republican (and "Christian" oracle) Louis Gohmert, who last year equated gays with pedophiles, necrophiliacs, and Nazis in one fell swoop, opined today that demons have invaded the nation's capital.

Really.  In the form of Democrats considering a health care reform bill.

It seems the minions of Satan are in overdrive these days, trying to slip as smoke through the walls of heteronormative Catholic schools, to trip up the pope right in the Vatican, and now to lead a Christian nation  down the evil path of health care coverage for as many citizens as possible. 

Well.  We already knew that God's a Republican, didn't we?  And likely wears a Knights of Columbus hat when he's in full dress regalia.

And if anyone knows about devils, it appears the Gohmerts of the world, and the apologists for the cover-up of child sexual molestation in the Catholic church, do.