Monday, March 15, 2010

The Devil, Freemasons, Wild French Lesbians, Gays: Playing the Blame Game, As Benedict's Involvement in Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse Crisis Becomes Clear

As we begin to learn the truth we’ve known all along—that Benedict is at the heart of the cover-up of the abuse crisis in the church, and has been pulling the cover-up strings in the Vatican for years—it’s fascinating to observe the blame game now being played by church officials.  A blame game that will, they seem to imagine, keep the blame from falling where it should fall, on the pope himself.

So we now have a revival of the old devil trope: the devil’s prancing through the Vatican, trying to destroy the church right at its heart.  And the Freemasons (yes, you heard correctly, that old 19th-century myth is being dusted off or never died in some circles) are also apparently doing their dirty work again, colluding with German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (did you notice?: she’s a woman) to destroy the church.

For Irish journalist (and conservative Catholic apologist) David Quinn, it’s war, I tell you, war!  The church’s critics, notably gays and lesbians, have declared “thermonuclear war” on the church.  This is a variant of the French-lesbians-out-to-embarrass-pope meme we got from the Vatican shortly after Benedict rehabilitated notorious anti-semite and Holocaust-denier Bishop Williamson of the anti-Vatican II Society of St. Pius X.

Look for more of this looniness to play out in coming days, as apologists try to do everything in their power to avoid letting us see and discuss what everyone knows to be true: that the boys’ club running the Catholic church is corrupt to its very core, has engaged in criminal behavior to protect pedophile priests, and is quickly destroying the church in its attempt to keep clerical and patriarchal power and privilege intact.

Look for more suggestions that the church is somehow to be equated with Benedict and not with Jesus, as the devil prances through the Vatican, the Freemasons collude with the German government to drill away at the foundations of the church, the wild French lesbians try to obtain incriminating information about papal decisions, and the evil gays detonate a nuclear bomb against the church.

That’s it: it’s the devil.  With all his pomp and wiles.  That’s who’s engineering all of these revelations about Catholic bishops hiding and transferring pedophile priests, with the Vatican pulling the strings.

The problem couldn’t be the Vatican and the boys’ club, if it’s the devil and the Masons and the gays.

Could it?