Friday, March 5, 2010

Jesus Loves the Little Children; But the Catholic Diocese of Denver . . .


In what I wrote earlier today about the cognitive dissonance the Catholic church is creating  now for Catholics who take core Catholic teachings seriously, by its inexplicable fixation on gay and lesbian persons and its hateful attacks on this minority group, I stated,

I suspect more and more “ordinary” Catholics are troubled now, as the pastoral leaders of the church seem not to be troubled, about the pain we inflict when we:

6. Destabilize families headed by same-sex parents raising children, thus inflicting misery not only on the parents of such families, but on their children, as well . . . .

And now I read that Sacred Heart of Jesus school in Boulder, Colorado, will not permit a preschool student to return next year because the student's parents are a lesbian couple.  The Denver archdiocese has announced that "homosexual couples living together as a couple are in disaccord with Catholic teaching." 

Inexplicable fixation, hateful attacks: do Catholic schools bar students whose parents have not been married sacramentally in the Catholic church?  Do they refuse to admit students when a parent has been sacramentally married, then divorced and remarried?  Do they have bedroom checks for parents of any prospective students, to assure that said parents are not living together in sin?

Children are being hurt in the ugly political game that the likes of Archbishop Charles Chaput and other Catholic pastors are playing today with the lives of gay human beings.  Where will this end?

And when will lay Catholics stop funding this toxic hate and these attacks on children?