Sunday, July 29, 2012

Political Newsflash: Sarah Palin Loves Fried-Chicken Sandwiches!

Sarah Palin is loving her some fried-chicken sandwiches.  (Or do I mean Michelle Bachmann?  Anyhow, that's the photo of the lady in question, above.)

Palin is joining the flocks of conservatives rushing to Chick-fil-A of late to grab some Southern-fried food with a side of discrimination, though don't get her wrong: she loves the gays.  So this flocking to Chick-fil-A can't be about supporting discrimination and a business that gives millions to groups seeking to block and strip the human rights of gay folks.

Because what does any of that have to do with love, when Christians supporting groups that strip rights from gay human beings say that they love the gays?  It would be mean-spirited--it would be an illiberal attack by gay Nazis on the free speech of Christians--to ask critical questions about how love can mean love when it goes hand in hand with spending millions of dollars to remove rights from a targeted minority.

Love is always authentic love when we say we love, isn't it?  And when we define the terms of what love is?  And when we retain the right to define you as subhuman and deserving of fewer rights than we ourselves have, when it suits our definition of love to define you that way?

Right?  Who but an illiberal gay-Nazi bully would ask critical questions about what love means, when good Christians tell the world they're loving?!

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