Friday, December 19, 2014

Gay-Bashing Suspects in Philadelphia to Be Formally Arraigned: Update on Previous Story

Remember those young folks in Philadelphia, all graduates of the same Catholic high school, who were charged this past September after they beat a gay couple to a bloody pulp? If you need reminding of that story, click the label "Philadelphia" below, and what I've posted here — with links to various news reports — will pop up. 

Vatican Report on U.S. Nuns: Valuable Commentary by Joan Chittister, Christine Schenck, Sandra Schneiders, and Tom Fox

Some brief excerpts of responses to the Vatican report on American women religious that have struck me as well worth reading:

Jerry Slevin on Pope Francis's "Huge Papal Mistake" in Not Placing Father Thomas Doyle on Papal Abuse Commission

At his Christian Catholicism site, Jerry Slevin argues that Pope Francis is making "a huge papal mistake" and "exhibiting his papal fallibility" by passing over Father Thomas Doyle, one of the leading authorities on the Catholic abuse crisis, as Francis adds new members to his commisison on abuse. Jerry points to Tom Doyle's extensive qualifications to serve the church on this papal commission:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas and the Empty Crib: Recent Catholic Commentary on the Broken Church

What am I doing as Christmas approaches, besides baking cookies, fruitcakes, and cheese straws, you ask? And keeping the house running and in decent order as Steve and his brother hammer and nail at their building project (you don't want to put a hammer or a nail in my little bumbling hands). Thank you for asking.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hurrier I Go, Behinder I Get — Apologies re: Delays in Acknowledging Comments Here

As you all may have noticed, I'm yet again behind with acknowledging recent comments here, and I may, in fact, not find time in the next few days to get to that task. I do hope all of you know how very much I appreciate your many wonderful comments here. I read them faithfully, even when I don't have time to let you know I've done so. Right now, Christmas preparation stuff, with added disarray in our household as Steve and his brother add a much-needed new bathroom to our house . . . . And as a result, I may not find time to reply to all of your comments of late, and wanted you to know the reason for that.

The graphic is from the Lewis Carroll Quotable Quotes page at Goodreads. (Does anyone know where Lewis Carroll says this? I had always understood this is a Pennsylvania Dutch folk saying.)

Amanda Marcotte on How Conservative American Christians Frequently Choose the Wrong Side of History

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice ~ Martin Luther King.

Here's the opening paragraph of an essay by Amanda Marcotte you really do need to read:

Torture Report (and Responses of U.S. Christians): Some Short Takes