Friday, April 24, 2015

Quote for Day: Mary Hunt on Most Important Takeaway of Vatican Attack on U.S. Nuns — "Women's Equality in the Church Is No Longer Negotiable"

Mary Hunt at Religion Dispatches in a post-mortem statement about the Vatican attack on American nuns:

Quote for Day: Fred Clark on How Doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy and Individualistic Notion of Salvation Stem from White Southern Evangelical Defense of Slavery

Fred Clark thinks that Emma Green's "Southern Baptists and the Sin of Racism" (in The Atlantic) "provides us a sharp image of the Southern Baptist Convention’s long, ugly struggle with what its leaders now at last admit is 'the sin of racism.'" But the image is a mirror image that gets things backwards, vis-a-vis how notions of biblical inerrancy and individual salvation connect to slavery.

Footnote to Story of Laurent Stefanini's Meeting with Pope Francis: I.Media Says Pope Did Not Inform Stefanini He's Unsuitable to Be Ambassador to Vatican

Yesterday, I.Media, a French-language news service based in Rome and specializing in Vatican coverage, published a statement about the meeting of Pope Francis with Laurent Stefanini that corrects (and/or contradicts) coverage of that meeting in other French journals. As I noted yesterday, other media outlets are stating that sources inside the Vatican insist that the pope has informed Stefanini that he's unsuitable for the job of French ambassador to the Vatican because he's gay.

Three More Statements on "Resignation" of Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City: Francis Must Prove He Is Different

Three more statements about the "resignation" of convicted felon Bishop Robert Finn of St. Joseph-Kansas City, from groups supporting survivors of childhood clerical sexual abuse:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

First Same-Sex Couple Who Married in Alabama: "Being Gay in the South Is Just Being Brave"

An inspiring video from Mae Ryan and Andrea Morales in The Guardian, featuering Shanté Wolf-Sisson and Tori Wolf-Sisson, the first same-sex couple to marry in Alabama. (Thanks to Chris Morley for pointing us to this video in a comment here.)

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: As Pope Francis Informs French Ambassadorial Appointment He's Unacceptable, Papal Nuncio Slated to Speak at NOM Anti-Gay Hate Rally

Here's a two-fer for you — a two-fer of very stinky Catholic birdcage droppings:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Jerry Slevin on How "Finn Sacking . . . Points to Serious Trouble after the Chile Revolt for the Pope’s Upcoming Visit to Philly"

Jerry Slevin at Christian Catholicism on how the Finn sacking shows the tenacity of abuse survivor Marie Collins in holding the pope's feet the fire regarding the abuse, the trouble he's in following the revolt in Chile over his appointment of Juan Barros as bishop, and how all of this plays into the staging and messsaging of Pope Francis's visit to the U.S. later in the year: