Monday, August 18, 2014

SNAP Fundraising Drive: Please Consider Donating

Sister Elizabeth Johnson to LCWR: "The Submerged Female Half of the Church, Indeed of the Human Race, Is Rising"

Sister Elizabeth Johnson, as she accepted the the top award of the Leadership Conference of Religious Women last week: 

All in an Evening's (Police) Work in One American Suburb: Tear-Gassing an 8-Year Old, Threatening and Arresting Reporters, Driving Trucks Through Citizens Gathered in Streets

Good morning, America. Here's an account via Twitter of what went on in one American suburb last evening. As Gabrielle Bluestone was reporting for Gawker as this fresh hell broke loose in Ferguson, Missouri, the police abruptly appeared well before curfew began, donning gas masks as they jumped out of their vehicles, and hitting reporters and children (the gathering was a peaceful gathering of people on the streets at this point) with the gas. Bluestone writes,

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rachel Maddow's Summary of the Story of Shooting of Michael Brown: Two Clips Worth Watching

Study Finds That for LGBTI Folks, Seeking Help from Religious and Spiritual Sources Associated with Higher Odds of Suicide Attempt

Remember that new Gallup survey to which I pointed several days ago, which finds that LGBT Americans are significantly less religious (as in, affiliated with religious groups and attending their worship services) than the rest of the population? Well, now there's also this to add to the discussion: as this Williams Institute media release from the end of June states, 

More One Hand, Other Hand: Recent Commentary on the Promise and Peril of Online Interaction at Social Networking Sites (or, The Ferguson We All Inhabit)

Two more one hand, other hand contrasting statements this morning culled from articles I've read online recently:

In Recent News (One Hand, Other Hand): How Catholic Leaders Deal with Priests Guilty of Abusing Minors v. How Catholic Leaders Deal with Lay Employees Who Are Gay

In the news lately, there's this: as this editorial in the Daily Gazette (Schenectady, NY) indicates, this past Wednesday, Father James Taylor, a Catholic priest in Niskayuna, pled guilty to having sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl. Taylor was arrested in April. His bishop, Edward Scharfenberger, placed him on administrative leave after the arrest, but has announced that the diocesan sexual misconduct review board will not make a final decision about Taylor's continuing work as a priest until after the civil proceedings against him have finished.