Saturday, July 23, 2016

Documents in Settlement of Curtis Wehmeyer Case Reveal Vatican Interference in Investigation of Allegations about Archbishop Nienstedt's Sexual Improprieties

WHAT HE'S SAYING: Well, there you have it at the top of this posting. Archbishop Nienstedt's full statement in response to the revelations contained in documents in last week's settlement of the Curtis Wehmeyer case in St. Paul-Minneapolis can be found appended to this article by Marino Eccher in Twin Cities Pioneer Press. Nienstedt's response: 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage (2): "When You Jump in Bed with Caesar You're Bound to Get Screwed"

Elagabalus at National Catholic Reporter, commenting on Msgr. Kieran Harrington's invocation on the opening night of the Republican National Convention, and noting that Harrington worked five years for the RNC:

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Ross Douthat on Coronation of Donald Trump — "Disgraced Themselves on a Level Unique in the History of Our Republic"

Conservative right-wing Catholic journalist Ross Douthat tweets as the Republican party chooses Donald Trump as its 2016 presidential candidate:

"Asking God to Tell Her Who to Vote For? Is She Crazy?": Turn of White Southern Evangelicals to Religious Right Politics in Wake of Civil Rights Movement — A Story

I don't remember which election it was. What I do remember is that my great-aunt was as mad as hell. Might have been as early as the Kennedy-Nixon election, might have been 1964 or 1968. Whichever election it was, my great-aunt had gotten a letter from her daughter (married, living with her husband and children in Mobile) telling her mother that she was praying and asking God to tell her how to cast her vote in the election.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage (2): GOP Will Form a Commission to Determine Whether Michelle Obama Plagiarized Melania Trump's Speech

More from the Catholic birdcage today as last evening's . . . GOP thing . . . is being discussed today at National Catholic Reporter: this is Agni Ashwin speaking:

The GOP will form a commission to determine whether Michelle Obama in 2008 plagiarized Melania Trump's 2016 speech.

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: "Great That . . . a Hot Immigrant Model Can Come to This Country with Nothing But the Clothes on Her Back (and Occasionally Without Them) and Land a Sugar Daddy Bazillionaire"

Lovin' me some Catholic birdcage as yesterday's . . . well, there's not a polite term to name it, is there? . . . thing transpired in Cleveland, and as that thing is being dissected in some online Catholic discussion spaces: here's rockchalkwombat talking about the Cleveland thing at National Catholic Reporter this morning:

Questions from a Ewe Responds to Archbishop Chaput About Excluding the "Irregular" from the Sacraments: "Here's What I Suggest. Walk Up to Your Local Priest and Ask about His Sex Life"

In recently published commentary on Archbishop Chaput's newly released guidelines to deal with "irregularities" in dispensation of the sacraments in his archdiocese, the blogger writing at Questions from a Ewe notes with her usual panache and verve that it's exceedingly odd that Chaput is concerned with "irregularity" of a sexual sort — well, with some folks' "irregularity — when it's well known that 50% of U.S. Catholic priests and an even higher percentage than this in other parts of the world are sexually active. All those priests are, in other words, leading the kind of "irregular" lives for which Archbishop Chaput wants to bar only openly LGBTQ Catholics and divorced and remarried Catholics not living together as brother and sister from the sacraments.