Friday, July 27, 2012

Dogpa, Church, and Beer: End-of-Week Humor

And on the lighter side as the work week ends:

I had missed TheraP's brilliant Heresy & Humor posting back in April about dogpa and zero nuns, and am glad she pointed me to it in a comment here earlier this week.  I love the totally whacky, but seemingly tightly reasoned, way TheraP arrives at her Vatican-like conclusions about why nuns = zero:

Working backward from modern English (nun), we find that the Latin nonna was first translated into Middle English as nonne. Now, notice that if we reduce (see Redux above) the word nonne, we get none. Which means nothing! From which we get the formula: Nun = 0. Which is actually very close to the English, when you say it aloud ("nun" equals "zero")! Thus, via two methods (visual and auditory) we arrive at the same formula from which the Vatican seems to be working!

Dogpa, indeed.  Just the kind of stunning Christian answers and impeccable, compelling logic the world looks for when it turns to church leaders for guidance and inspiration (not!).  This is a wonderful send-up, and I'm grateful to TheraP for pointing me to it (and for having spun it out of her clever mind).

And talking about God: if you've ever wondered about the connection between God, church, and beer, wonder no more.  Ashley Baxstrom has the answers for you at The Revealer, citing research of  Guess which parts of the U.S. tweet more about church than beer.  And vice versa.

Map above.

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