Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog Talk: A Serving of Appetizing Bites from Around the Blogosphere

Once again, with a bow to Fred Clark's wonderful Slacktivist blog, from which I'm shamelessly borrowing, a serving of savory mezes to whet your appetite for the entire piece to which the meze bite links . . . . One of the following links points to Fred's blog.  If you can spot it cold, without clicking on the links below, you win the I'm Correct prize of the day.

The I'm Correct or IC prize: if my sweet, funny elderly cousin Lucy Price Grafton, who taught first grade for 100 years, were still with us, I'd have her pen you a note in the first-grade dialect she spoke in her touching little cards to me from New Iberia, Louisiana, all carefully printed in beautiful block letters, often in multiple colors: "I loooong 2 C U," etc.  But the I would be carefully drawn as an eye, and the "looong" might or might not have a tiny dachshund drawn next to it.

And so here goes with the meze plate:*

*The order in which the mezes are served signifies nothing.  Except that I read them in this order originally.

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