Friday, July 13, 2012

Joan Chittister on Leadership: Three Foundational Stories

Maybe by posting a tidbit, a mere crumb, from Joan Chittister's May 2012 baccalaureate address to Standford graduates, which Michael Bayly has helpfully made available at his Progressive Catholic Voice blog, I can whet your appetite to read the entire statement:

If you really want to be a leader who leads your city, your country, your world down a different path, there are three stories you should know, I think. They may say more about the kind of leadership needed for our time than anything any MBA leadership manual can begin to explain to you.

I invite you to read the complete address.  It's powerful and spiritually enriching.  You won't be sorry, I think, if you click on the link above and read what Joan Chittister told Stanford's graduating class in May.

P.S. later in the day: TheraP has pointed out that I'm a day late and a dollar short in posting about this baccalaureate address, since Colleen Baker posted the whole text at her wonderful Enlightened Catholicism site back on 8 July.  I hadn't known this when I posted the bit above, since Colleen posted the article when I had taken a hiatus from blogging (and blog-reading) last week.  Colleen's posting, with her usual scintillating commentary, is here.

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