Saturday, January 28, 2017

"Life Is Winning Again in America": Executive Order Banning Muslim Refugees on Holocaust Remembrance Day, As Pro-Life Christians Celebrate

Willa Frej and Elise Foley, "Trump Targets Muslims, Refugees in New Executive Order Issued on Holocaust Remembrance Day":
"We don’t want them here," he said.

Brian K. is responding to this tweet by Congressional leader (and Catholic "pro-life" activist) Paul Ryan:

Christian Cauterucci, "A Triumphant Mood at the Anti-Abortion March for Life":

"We love babies, yes we do. We love babies, how ’bout you?" was a favored cheer of the day . . . .

Eugene Scott and Sara Murray, "March for Life 2017: Pence, Conway Cheer on Rally":

"Life is winning again in America," Vice President Mike Pence told the crowd.

(P.S. Dan Drezner later tweeted an apology for the coarse language in his tweet above.)

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