Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bible Repeatedly Commands Us to Welcome Strangers; "Bible-Believing" Christians Focus Instead on Homosexuality and Abortion

As Matthew Schmalz points out in the Religion News Service article I shared a few minutes ago, the Hebrew and Christian scriptures are FULL OF references to the "stranger" or the "alien." And all the verses speaking of the stranger or alien tell us we have a sacred obligation to welcome and provide for the stranger/alien in our midst.

This is WHAT THE BIBLE ACTUALLY SAYS. But know what "bible-believing" white Christians — the 81 percent of white evangelicals and sixty percent of white Catholics and Mormons who elected the nameless one — choose to focus on instead?


Whch is never mentioned in the bible — not one time — because it COULD NOT BE MENTIONED, when that word was not even coined until the latter half of the 19th century.

"Bible-believing" right-wing white Christians simply ignore the constantly stated command to welcome and assist the stranger/alien, which runs all through the Jewish and Christian scriptures, and zero in on four or five very ambiguous passages that, in their mind, condemn "homosexuality" — though that word and concept were totally unknown to the biblical writers.

Know what they choose to focus on, too, as they ignore the constant commands all through the scriptures to welcome and assist the stranger?


Also never mentioned in the bible. Not one time.

Strangers/aliens and our obligation to welcome and care for them? Mentioned all through the bible.


Not. mentioned. one. time. in. the. bible.


Not. mentioned. one. time. in. the. bible.

It's as if "bible-believing" Christians — "God said it; I believe it; that ends it" — never even open their bibles.

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