Saturday, January 28, 2017

Can Someone PLEASE Get Word to Archbishop Chaput That Banning Refugees and Ripping Away Healthcare Coverage Are Not "Pro-Life"?

P.S. Can someone please get a few of the tweets (with shocking photos attached) featured in my last posting to His Excellency Archbishop Charles Chaput, as he praises the current president as a champion of life and castigates the president's critics? The disconnect between . . . oh, let's be daring and call it reality (the real world and unvarnished truth about it) . . . and what His Excellency wants to sound forth in the name of a "pro-life" ethic is, well, downright embarrassing.

Not to mention jarring.

Not to mention wicked.

Not to mention a betrayal of Jesus Christ and everything he stood for.

If someone could please find a way to point His Excellency to the reality of what's happening in the real world under the emphatically anti-life "leadership" of the new president, many of us would be grateful — since he wields a certain amount of power to do good or evil as the Catholic archbishop of Philadelphia. 


(The screenshot is from the Religion News Service article linked in the second link above.)

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