Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trump and Dismantling of U.S. Democracy: "Movement of White Evangelical Southerners into Republican Ranks Was Fueled Initially by Civil Rights"

This should not escape our attention, though the mainstream media persistently and conveniently choose to play games about this matter: a noteworthy  percentage of our fellow citizens are perfectly willing — let's be honest: they're deliriously happy — to cast their votes for a man whose stated objective is to dismantle the American democratic system as it now exists. Which must mean that this is precisely what these citizens want . . . .

Their refusal to accept the American democratic system of governance was born in the reaction of white Southern evangelicals to Supreme Court decisions and federal laws that dismantled the system of legal segregation. From that time forward, this contingent of American citizens has been intent on dismantling American democracy itself. Calculating cynically as he appealed to Southern white evangelical racism, Ronald Reagan gave them a pseudo-economic reason to do this: Government is the enemy, he maintained. Taxation is the problem. (Hint: Your taxes are going to support immoral freeloaders with black and brown skin.)

After that, for almost half a century, with outrageous lies, right-wing media have poisoned the minds of this set of Americans, who are willing to believe any nonsense possible if it's about a Democratic politician. These folks have now been thoroughly poisoned against Hillary Clinton, as they have swallowed lie after lie after lie about her. They will not accept the legitimacy of her presidency if a majority of their fellow citizens in a democratic society choose her as president.

We have a serious problem on our hands with this ebullient, angry, lie-swallowing minority of badly educated true believers who think that if their version of democracy cannot prevail, democracy itself should be dismantled.

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