Thursday, October 20, 2016

Prof. Anthea Butler Goes on Tweetstorm: "For American Evangelicalism, Trump Has Severed and Destroyed Their Message, Movement, and Future"

I fear I'm being verbose this morning. But there's just so much to be said after last evening's debates, isn't there? Anthea Butler, who is Graduate Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at University of Pennsylvania, has gone on a marvelous tweetstorm this morning, and because her tweets are about matters we've been discussing here (white evangelical support for Donald Trump), I want to point you to them (#1 is at the head of the posting): 

For American Evangelicalism, Trump has severed and destroyed their message, movement, and future: yes. Anthea Butler is exactly right. The moral credibility of the religous right is in tatters now, and cannot ever again be retrieved — not after the support of religious right leaders for Donald Trump.

And, of course, the very same thing has to be said of the moral credibility of the U.S. Catholic bishops, who long since allied themselves with these folks, and some of whom (Aquila, Chaput, Kurtz, the USCCB president) have done everything but stand on their heads to promote Donald Trump this election cycle. And I wonder how Cardinal Dolan, former USCCB president, will like his blueeyed boy this evening as they yuk it up together at the $3,000-per-plate Al Smith banquet following last night's debate?

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