Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mary Hunt and Patricia Miller on Why U.S. Bishops Have Blown Abortion Out of Proportion: A Reminder About Why Many Catholics No Longer Listen

Mary Hunt's reminder here, by way of Patricia Miller's book Good Catholics: The Battle Over Abortion in the Catholic Church, is well worth remembering as the head of the U.S. Catholic Bishops' Conference Archbishop Kurtz (and Aquila in Denver and Chaput in Philadelphia) seek to drum up Catholic support for Donald Trump by beating the very tired old anti-abortion drum.

Why would anyone who sees who these men really are listen to what they have to say about abortion, same-sex marriage, political choices, or anything else in the world? And is it any wonder that the disaffection rate of Catholics — the percentage of Catholics walking away from the church — is higher than that of any other religious group in the U.S., as Catholics distance themselves from the church in droves, reporting their disillusionment with the bishops' corruption as exposed in the abuse crisis, and with the unrelenting gay-bashing?

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