Thursday, October 27, 2016

PRRI's Latest: Nearly Six in Ten White Catholic Men Voting for Trump


Summarized in a single, crystal-clear snapshot. The Catholic church as a club granting astonishing unmerited privilege to straight human beings possessing penises, particularly when those people have white skins.

How much injustice and outright evil in our world flows from this gender arrangement, and from the determination of Catholic leaders from Pope Francis down the chain of command to keep it in place? And why are these issues not being discussed within Catholic circles, especially by lay Catholic intellectual leaders in the U.S., as they continue to natter on and on and on about how men and women come from different planets, are made to complement each other (and gay people don't exist, of course, and need not be mentioned in these conversations) — are made to complement each other  in an arrangement in which women are always and predictably subordinated to men?

What kind of catechesis produces men who think and behave in this way, I ask myself?

(On how this finding will almost certainly be treated by the U.S. Catholic bishops and the lay leaders of the U.S. Catholic church in its journalistic and academic sector, see my next posting.)

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