Monday, April 27, 2015

The Finn Story and What Crystallizes Lay Catholic Anger About the Abuse Crisis: A Photo Essay

And — it has to be said — (piggybacking on my first posting today) photos like the following absolutely do not help many of us lay Catholics overcome our anger about how the clerical club persistently finds every way in the world to make excuses for fellow priests abusing minors, and still, even now!, just does not seem to get it, about protecting children from danger as the obvious, indisputable top priority in the abuse crisis:

1. Finn with Cardinal Burke in a resplendent cappa magna following a 2007 ordination in St. Louis:

2. Finn's own cappa magna:

3. Ditto:

4. Ditto (see the picture at the top of the posting).

There are, God help us, things more important in the world than scads of red silk and reams of lace. Children and their safety are among those things.

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