Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quick Question for You: Is Anyone Having Disqus Log-In Problems or Other Disqus Problems As You Seek to Comment Here?

A quick Disqus-related question for you: Bilgrimage readers occasionally contact me to tell me they have log-in problems with Disqus when they try to leave comments here. I am very happy to assist any of you who have such problems. Disqus has an active and prompt help desk (at Twitter), and always responds quickly when I report problems like this to Disqus.

If there are folks reading this blog who have been having Disqus problems, I'd be happy to assist you in trying to resolve those if you would please email me (there's an email link at my profile page here). You can, if you wish, also tweet your problem directly to the Disqus help desk at Twitter, using this link.

What Disqus will need from you is a clear statement of what happens when, say, you try to log in to comment and the system will not let you in: what message do you receive? What operating system are you using? Are you using a handheld device or a laptop-desktop computer? Do you have a screenshot of the message you receive?

All of these details will be helpful to Disqus, and, as I say, Disqus is responsive and quick to try to resolve problems of this sort, I've found. I apologize if any of you have encountered such problems. I do want to help, and I value your comments here.

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