Friday, April 17, 2015

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Who Sits High and Who Sits Low (Picture's Worth 1,000 Words)

Gerelyn Hollingsworth, responding to Dominic Preziosi's posting yesterday at Commonweal blog about the Vatican announcement that the investigation of American nuns is over and done with:

Interesting how the men's chairs are so much higher than the women's.  A picture's worth a thousand words.

The photo is from this Commonweal posting, and I hope I'm not violating some rubric in sharing it here. I believe — but have no proof of this — that it's a staged Vatican photo for the announcement made yesterday about the end of the LCWR investigation.

This photo is what John Paul II and Francis mean by male-female complementarity, right? In God's plan for the human race, which depends absolutely on the biological differences between the genders, there's a table. It separates us into two groups. One group always sits on one side of the table.

The other group always sits on the other side of the table. One group sits high. The other group always sits low.

As God has ordained and designed things, since the world works according to each nut being in her place, and each bolt in his place. Ad saecula saeculorum, etc.

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