Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: "Dear, Dear Pope Francis, Get off the 'Complementary' Band-Wagon Until You . . . Operationally, Administratively, and Theologically Demonstrate 'Equality'"

Dennism502 at National Catholic Reporter responding to an article by Joshua J. McElwee reporting on Pope Francis's continued defense of the "gender complementarity" musings of his predecessors John Paul II and Benedict XVI (men have their place, women have their place, men belong on top, women belong on bottom, bible this, bible that and blahblahblah):

Dear, dear Pope Francis, get off the "complementary" band-wagon until you a) operationally, administratively, and theologically demonstrate "equality"; b) address and correct and then expunge (except from the "bad example" logs) the statements and interpretations that underpin our Christian exclusion and diminution of women, example: God created women — because Adam experienced a loneliness that the animals alone could not satisfy; —  to prevent Adam from a sterile and, in the end, baneful encounter with himself; — God's definitive words to "the woman" after the "first sin" that his desires would be yours....and he shall rule over you. Did Tertullian or Augustine or Aquinas make those horrid allegations and interpretations of Scripture and of God's will in the middle ages or before? No! It was the head of the CDF, "God's theologian", Joseph Card. Ratzinger in 2004. 
It is not enough that Pope Francis or anyone else quote nice stuff without repudiating that which legitimizes and rationalizes behavior that is absolutely contradictory.

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