Friday, March 27, 2015

The Furor in Chile About Juan Barros's Installation as Bishop of Osorno: A Footnote

A quick footnote to the update I published earlier today about the protest of Pope Francis's decision to make Juan Barros the new bishop of Osorno, Chile: at his Facebook page, Wisconsin SNAP leader Peter Isely has posted commentary today about the controversy. Peter writes, 

Pope Francis may want things to be different with the clergy sex abuse symptom but he also doesn’t want things to change. If that seems an impossible position, it is. If it seems like this only keeps the symptom going, it does. It’s a common enough bind. I don’t know a single patient who has walked in to my consulting room for psychotherapy that isn’t asking (sometimes demanding, sometimes pleading) one way or another for the same impossible thing. Of course, they’re not the Pope.

And I think he's absolutely correct about that. As he also notes, Jason Berry has published his own commentary at Huffington Post, noting that, "By any objective gauge, Francis's decision to install Bishop Barros in Osorno was a preventable disaster," and that this decision by Francis threatens to undo all his reform plans. 

I think Berry is right about that, too.

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