Monday, March 30, 2015

It's My Birthday, and I'm Recommending a Heart-Warming Video to You

Today's my birthday (who would believe I'd be 65?!), and Steve has taken the day off to take me shopping (Whole Foods! coffee shops! book stores!) and touring (the museum!). I will probably not be posting more today as I celebrate, and won't be able to acknowledge your many welcome comments here in the past day  — not until my birthday is over and done with.

Meanwhile, as my birthday gift to all of you, I wanted to share this video in which a young gay Irish man, James Mitchell, calls his grandmother and asks her to support him by voting for marriage equality in the referendum in Ireland this May. As James explains, some Trinity College students developed this idea of ringing one's granny, and there's now a Twitter hashtag at #RingYourGranny with wonderful tweets about this topic.

The video brings tears to my eyes. I hope that you'll find it as wonderful as I did. A good day to all of you!

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