Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thanking You Kindly for Your Birthday Good Wishes

I want to issue a note of thanks to all of you who left birthday greetings for me here yesterday. I'm deeply grateful for your kind expressions of congratulations on my birthday, and for your support. I had a very nice birthday, part of which we spent walking in the historic cemetery in downtown Little Rock, Mount Holly, and taking photos of the spring wildflowers running riot through the grass there: spring beauty, star of Bethlehem, Quaker ladies, grape hyacinth, etc. The photo at the head of the posting is from our outing. 

And the one below is a photo of the monument for Quatie Brown Ross, wife of Cherokee chief John Ross. Quatie died in Little Rock in February 1839 on the Trail of Tears after she had given her coat to a little Cherokee girl suffering from the cold and developed pneumonia, according to the testimony of a soldier accompanying the Cherokees as they were moved west from Georgia and Alabama. Every time we visit the grave, we find memorial objects such as stones, crystals, coins or religious medals, feathers, etc., adorning it.

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