Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Petition for Your Consideration: Tell Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to Veto Anti-Gay "Religious Liberty" Bill

Dear Folks,

After Indiana passed its anti-gay "religious liberty" bill and it was signed into law, the Arkansas Senate passed a similar bill targeting LGBT citizens of my state. That bill will then go to the House for amendments to be considered, and from there to the desk of Arkansas's governor Asa Hutchinson, who has promised to sign it.

Gayla Paschall has placed a petition online at MoveOn, asking people to petition Governor Hutchinson and request that he not sign this anti-gay legislation. The petition is here. It states,

HB 1228 is designed to discriminate against LGBT individuals under the guise of protecting religious freedoms.

Gayla's goal is to have 15,000 signatures by midnight tonight. She hopes to present the petition with those signatures to Hutchinson tomorrow. I have just had an email from Gayla (sent to all who have signed the petition) saying,

Facebook is not allowing signers to share to Facebook for some reason.  They have also systematically removed ALL links to the petition.

When I signed this petition yesterday, I uploaded a link to Facebook, and had wondered why it had disappeared. As of 5:09 CST today, when I'm composing this posting, the petition has 14,946 signatures. If you would please consider signing it before midnight tonight (assuming you agree with its intent), I would be grateful to you.

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