Thursday, October 16, 2014

Quote for the Day: Heidi Schlumpf on Synod's "Gradualist" Approach to Catholics Still Denied Fundamental Human Rights

Heidi Schlumpf, on the much-touted "gradualism" of the synod on the family's relatio, and how it supposedly represents an "earthquake" — but what does any of this mean for people still denied fundamental human rights and told they're not fully welcome in the Catholic church?:

When Catholic commentators (who are, more often than not, not members of these oppressed groups) call gradualist changes -- ones that do not address underlying human rights abuses -- an "earthquake" and imply that larger change is happening, it is not only inaccurate but painful for those still suffering from the church's failure to accept their full human rights. It borders on sadistic to expect victims of these abuses (and calling someone intrinsically disordered is abusive) to get excited because the church, while still maintaining the teaching, is finally allowing some discussion of the issue.

Amen, Heidi Schlumpf. 

The graphic is one I find (with no indication of its origin) at various blog sites discussing the infamous "three-fifths" compromise of 1787, in which it was agreed that slaves would count three-fifths of all other persons, for persons of determining taxation and representation in the new American republic.

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