Saturday, October 18, 2014

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage — Cardinal Burke: Gays Should "Leave the Church If They Absolutely Can't Accept" Magisterial Teaching

John Hayes, contributing to a thread discussing the synod on the family started by Father Robert Imbelli at Commonweal:

It seems that it is being confirmed by Cardinal Burke that he is no longer in his curial position.  
He said he's been told that but hasn't received anything official yet.  
I was more troubled by this Burke quote in that interview
“The church doesn’t exclude anyone who’s of goodwill even if the person is suffering from same-sex attraction or even acting on that attraction,” said Burke. “If people don’t accept the church’s teaching on these matters then they’re not thinking with the church and they need to examine themselves on that and correct their thinking or leave the church if they absolutely can’t accept. They’re certainly not free to change the teaching of the church to suit their own ideas.” 
I don't think that Francis would agree with the "smaller, purer Church" view that people who have trouble accepting teachings should leave the Church. 

I've taken the liberty of embedding a link to the Buzzfeed interview that John Hayes provided in the text of his comment. The boldfaced section is John Hayes's boldfacing. 

Leave the church: that pretty well answers the question Andrew Sullivan asked (and here) several days ago, doesn't it? — "Are we to infer that the Catholic bishops in America really don't want to welcome gay people?" At least, this tells us where the Burkes and Dolans, who wanted the word "welcome" expunged from the synod report vis-a-vis gay people, stand, doesn't it? And, presumably, where the economic elite, the 1% for whom both men are mouthpieces (as with Cardinal Pell of Australia), stand on these issues . . . .

They want the church to themselves. 

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