Thursday, October 2, 2014

Questions from a Ewe on the Eve of the Synod on the Family

As a complement to my ten modest theological conclusions on the eve of the synod on the family, here are some questions from Questions from a Ewe to the church's pastors, as the synod nears. This blogger asks the men running the church, "Are you threatened welcoming 'sinners' to table because they might interfere with some delusion of your own perfection?"

She states, 

Why are you only threatened by welcoming certain categories of sinners to the table?  You certainly are comfortable welcoming to the communion table members of the sinner category, "irresponsible bishops and sexually abusive priests."  Some of them you not only allow to receive communion, you permit them to consecrate the hosts!  This, evidently does not threaten you in the least.  But, women who disobey you by claiming to have more insight into their relationship with God than you do...well, gentleman, that seems to scare the holy excrement out of you.  Why?  
It is my understanding that many of you are gay and even regularly, actively engage in homosexual activities albeit clandestinely.  Those of you who do this, would be living a lie.  Yet, you welcome closet homosexual clergy living duplicitous lives at table and again, even permit them to consecrate the hosts.  However, homosexuals who honestly portray their sexual orientation, you do not welcome.  Why are you threatened welcoming to the table people who have the courage to present themselves authentically but are not threatened welcoming to the table people whose lives are a tangled web of lies and hypocrisy?

I recommend the whole posting linked above, which also asks the pastors of the Catholic church why they appear so frightened of sitting at table with divorced and remarried couples, with couples using birth control, with women who have had abortions, with politicians who do not listen to the commands of bishops to do things the bishops' way . . . .

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