Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cold with Headache, Cold with Fever: Talk Amongst Yourselves

Cold with headache, 
Cold with fever,  
Cold with cough that shakes the — 

It's hard to rhyme with "fever," isn't it? Clearly "beaver" or "lever" won't do here.

By Jove, I think I have it! Cold with cough that shakes the liver.

I've been inconsiderate to our so welcome guests, and have come down sick, dear readers. And as you can see, the fever is addling my brains and making me even sillier than usual, and so I may be another several days recovering before I'm in full blogging mode again. Though I am trying to follow and acknowledge your valuable comments here . . . . 

Meanwhile, "Talk amongst yourselves," at the recommendation of the inimitable Mike Myers (in the classic "Saturday Night Live" clip at the head of the posting).

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