Monday, May 12, 2014

Sealed, Signed, Delivered, and Oh Happy Day: Steve and I Married Today in Little Rock

I'll be posting more about this, but before the day gets away from me (and all of you), I wanted to let you know that Steve and I did take advantage of the short window of opportunity in our home state of Arkansas to marry today. We're legally married for today, that is to say, though the stay that the state will almost certainly obtain will immediately place in limbo the marriages of the 100+ same-sex couples who came from around the state of Arkansas to marry today in the Pulaski County courthouse.

Someone else took photos of our marriage vows, with our friend Rev. Wendell Griffen of New Millennium Baptist church officiating at the marriage ceremony, and when I have those, I'll post a few of them. Meanwhile, a selfie of Steve and me from in front of the courthouse, as we waited in line to obtain the license and then marry — with commentary to follow in a subsequent posting. Happy day!

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